Bradford Distillery

Still Crazy.
After all these years…

We started and built our business around wines. And while we’ve been approached about representing spirits before, nothing seemed quite, um, remarkable enough to fit our business. Until now.

Founded by retired neurosurgeon Dr. Brad Selland, Bradford Distillery produces premium artisan spirits using New England grown ingredients. They ferment and distill in small batches, giving them a level on control over quality that larger producers can only dream of.

Distilled 5 times, Bradford Vodka is extraordinarily clean and smooth with a creamy character and an earthy, vanilla aftertaste. Small batch distilling lets Bradford focus on the “heart” of the run, maximizing the purity of the spirit and eliminating “burn”. Made from Massachusetts grown potatoes, Bradford Vodka is completely gluten-free.

Bradford’s Chesterton’s Gin is a complex, elegant gin featuring cinnamon and floral aromas. Sublimely smooth and gluten-free, it has flavors of rose hips and spice wrapped around a gentle juniper core. Bradford’s Chesterton’s Gin is made by combining select botanicals with Bradford Vodka and distilling one more time, so it is also gluten-free.

Both products are available in many NH Liquor and Wine Outlets. If you need help finding them, just send us a message. We are currently conducting tastings all over the state. Visit our events page to find one near you.