Chateau Auguste – Entre-Deux-Mers

Château Auguste is a 74-acre Bordeaux Superieur estate located in the Right Bank region of Bordeaux within the Entre-Deux-Mers appellation. The enchanting name “Entre-Deux-Mers” – translated as “between two seas” or “tides” – refers to the Garonne and Dordogne rivers that form the boundaries of the triangular region. For thousands of years, the two rivers have deposited sand and gravel, eventually building up a sub rock of limestone. Given the fertile landscape, ancient Romans were the first to plant vineyards here, with monks later developing the area during the Middle Ages. The estate is organically farmed, with the Château producing more than 16,000 cases a year.


Château Auguste Rosé
Château Auguste Rouge

Château Gaby – Canon-Fronsac

Château Gaby is an estate located in the Canon-Fronsac appellation on the right bank of Bordeaux, France and produces some of the region’s finest wines. For years, this appellation has been considered an insider’s secret, but recently it’s quality has attracted attention around the world. Château Gaby and Château Gaby Cuvee wines are produced entirely from older vines grown on the limestone rich hills of the Gaby estate. Flanked by the Dordogne River, the picturesque hills of the satellite appellation of Canon-Fronsac boast the same characteristics as those of the renowned Saint-Émilion appellation. Limestone soils with clay sub soil and natural drainage combined with perfect exposure to the sun produce very favorable ripening conditions for all grape varieties, especially the Cabernet Franc which is used in increasing proportions in the final blend of Château Gaby’s wines.


Princess Gaby
Château Gaby 2010
Château Gaby 2012
Château Gaby Cuvée

Château Moya – Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux

Chateau Moya is a certified organic estate situated in Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux, a well-recognized appellation located just east of the famous St Emilion in Bordeaux, France. Since the winery’s first vintage in 2009, Chateau Moya has become a leader in organic viticulture, a practice that has become increasingly important in Bordeaux and around the world. The 20-acre property is located on a clay-limestone hill some 230 feet above the valley floor with a stunning unencumbered 360-degree panoramic view.


Château Moya

Château du Parc Grand Cru – Saint-Émilion

Château Du Parc is an estate located in the Saint-Émilion appellation in Bordeaux, France, one of the oldest and most prestigious wine producing regions in all of Bordeaux. This world-renowned area is known for the region’s finest wines due to its diverse terroir. At Château Du Parc, we strive for excellence by hand picking only the finest grapes that produce the highest quality wine to ensure our wine reflect the true essence of the appellation.


Château du Parc