Lobetia Sparkling Brut

Aromas of exotic fruits such as pineapple. Creamy, full flavored, and fresh with bright acidity. Reminiscent of a tropical bouquet.

Bruno Marino Artisan Vermouth

Bruno Marino is artisan Spanish vermouth made with high quality fortified wine macerated for nine months with a secret mix

El Secreto

Ripe black fruit aromas with hints of herbs and spices. Rich, ripe, and voluptuous with a long, intense finish. Matured


Elegant nose with aromas of dried fruits and wood with spicy notes. Velvet and sophisticated with big round fruit flavors.

20,000 Leguas

20,000 Leguas is made with white wine grapes that are fermented in contact with the skins. The resulting wine has

Vaiven Blanco de Tempranillo

Clear steely golden color. Pear and apple bouquet, combined with vanilla and coffee aromas. On the palate, it is balanced

Fata Morgana

  Fata Morgana Dark and mysterious with a nose that is intense, sweet, and floral delivering aromas of quince, dried

Las Liras

A well structured wine with elegant complexity. Deep and intense in the nose with licorice, chocolate, sweet paprika, pepper, mint